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The Hecla Water Association, Inc. provides clean, safe drinking water to approximately 14,000 connections in the rural areas of Lawrence County, Ohio. Nearly 3 million gallons a day of treated drinking water is distributed through the 1,300 miles of water lines on the Hecla Water System.

This report is required by the EPA and contains the results of water quality tests performed during the prior year. The purpose of the report is to inform consumers about their drinking water.
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Are We Ready?

Dear Hecla Water Customers,

I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for being a customer. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and reliable service. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of a rate increase coming in January of 2022, the only increase since 2020, and to explain why additional revenue is needed. Please take a few minutes to learn about the obstacles we face and our plans to overcome them.

You may ask, “Why a rate increase?”

Across America utility systems are failing or falling deeply behind on Asset Management. Many have reached their maximum life expectancy of assets (tanks, pumps, meters and pipes) that bring drinking water to your home. Proactive repair and replacement of critical assets is the key to reliable service. We have all heard the phrase used by our leaders about “Kicking The Can Down The Road” Hecla will not do that.

Here is where your money will continue to be well spent. We have completed more than half of our water treatment plant upgrades in Athalia. The 9 million dollar project is scheduled for completion in 2022. Improvements to the internal plant processes, electronics, valves, and flood protection will keep the facility running reliably far into the future. Hecla Crews will repair or replace over 600 aging water lines this year. Additionally, we will schedule to replace larger assets such as tanks or pump stations before they reach a critical failure point due to age. Water loss is being reduced with the aid of leak detection meters and dedicated staff.

Ask yourself what utility is most valued in your home. Water for drinking, bathing and sanitation is on the top of most lists. How expensive is your water bill in comparison to electric, telephone and cable TV service? Water flowing into our homes is often taken for granted.

Many communities face the problem of unreliable water service due to poor asset management. Leaders are sometimes reluctant to increase rates. This leads to critical assets being pushed past their life expectancy and in time failing. If not prepared with inventory and funding, long term service disruption is possible.

The Hecla Water Association strives to protect our customers from this problem. Our staff constantly studies our assets to determine when to replace them before a failure could occur. Hecla Management sets aside funds specifically for asset repair and replacement. The Board of Directors ensure policies and programs are in place to make the company a reliable and dependable utility for our customers.

I appreciate you taking the time to read about the company and what we do every day. I understand that rate increases can be unpopular and hard to pay, but please understand our intention is to build confidence with our customers and have a reliable reputation for service. Hecla staff is always on duty to answer questions.


Tony Howard, General Manager
Hecla Water Association, Inc.


Hecla's Got a New Look!

Hecla Water is introducing our new look! We’ve improved our logo and now we’re rolling out our new customer invoices. Beginning this year in May, Hecla customers will see new and improved full-size paper invoices with return envelopes enclosed.

These new invoices will be easier to read with more helpful information about your Hecla Water account. Hecla will also be able to get important notifications to you. As always, if you have any questions, please contact the water office

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Update Your Contact Information to Receive Important Notices

How many times have your plans been changed or delayed by sudden loss of water services? It happens! We take for granted that every time we turn on the sink or shower, the water will be there. Hecla is known for its reliable service, but aging infrastructure will sometimes create unplanned outages.
One of Hecla’s most powerful tools is the Swift911 customer notification system. This system allows Hecla to notify customers of an outage when the problem will be fixed and any other important information they may need.
To provide this free notification service to our customers, we need up to date customer information. If you are a Hecla customer, please contact our office with your current address, phone number, and an email address. Hecla will be able to give you better information if an outage occurs.

Don't Dig Up Trouble!

The Ohio Utilities Protection Service requires contractors and private citizens to call or click on their website 48 hours before digging. All utilities are notified of the digging location. Disregard of this state law causes water outages in some areas. It may also cause damages to be paid by the responsible party.

1-800-362-2764 - It's a State Law!