Hecla Water Association

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?
Hecla is replacing their current Leak Adjustment Policy with the Leak Protection Program. The program is administered by ServLine and is optional for Hecla Customers. There will be no other adjustment policy for lost water.

Why is Hecla Making this change?
We have had many disappointed customers who were put in a financial strain as a result of a leak. The current adjustment policy offered minimal help. We wanted to provide a better solution for our customers.

What is the difference between the Leak Protection Policy and the Line Protection Program?
The Leak Protection Program is designed to cover water that is lost due to a leak. The Line Protection Program will help cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your water Service Line.

What are the costs for these programs?
$2.00 per month for Leak Protection. $4.40 per month for Line Protection.

How will I be billed for these programs?
Fees for the programs will be reflected on your monthly bill.

Is there a maximum amount the program will pay for lost water or water line repairs?
The leak Protection Program covers up to $2500 per occurrence. The Line Protection Program covers up to $10,000 per occurrence with no deductible for either program.

Where do leaks need to occur in order to be covered under these programs?
For Leak Protection Program, coverage begins at the customers point of responsibility at the meter and remaining buried service line and plumbing throughout the inside plumbing of home. For Line Protection Program, coverage begins at the customer’s point of responsibility at the meter and covers the service line up to the foundation.

What is the Customer’s Point of Responsibility?
Hecla Water is responsible for repairs and lost water if a leak occurs in the meter well or the first three feet on the customers side or first connection whichever comes first.

How often can I request an adjustment for a leak on these programs?
Under Water Leak Protection Program, you are allowed one adjustment every twelve months after the use of protection service. The maximum allowable amount is $2500 with no deductible. Under Water Line Protection Program there is no annual limit and covers repairs up to $10,000 per claim, with no deductible.

If I choose to decline coverage, what do I need to do?
Just call Hecla Servline at 1-740-237-3488 and ask to be removed from the program.

If I choose to decline Leak Protection will there be any other leak adjustment policy offered to me?
No, if you are not enrolled in the new program on December 1st 2018 you are accepting responsibility to pay in full the cost of any lost water due to a leak.

Can I return to these programs?
Yes, when ready call Hecla ServLine at 1-740-237-3488 to be re-enrolled. Coverage will begin thirty days after re-enrollment. Any leaks that occur while out of the program will not be covered.

Can I participate in either one of these programs and not the other?
Yes, you can choose.

What is the old Leak Adjustment Policy?
In the old policy Hecla customers were responsible for their average bill, then the first $50.00 after and 75% of the remaining balance. Hecla averages writing off only about 25%.

What is not covered under the Leak Protection Program?
Leak adjustments will not be processed for pools, irrigation or fraud.

Is there a deductible on the ServLine programs?
No, you are only responsible for your average bill and in the rare case anything over $2500.

How do I submit a claim on these programs?
Contact Hecla ServLine at 1-740-237-3488.

How often will the rates for the Hecla ServLine programs change?
We cannot predict the future rates, but ServLine has a very good track record for never increasing rates since they began offering this program.

How does Hecla define a residential customer?
Any single or family dwelling that is metered independently and has its own account number.